Cost Comparison

We did some of your homework for you (aren't we nice?) by comparing the cost of AUS with some other private Christian schools in the area. As you can see, AUS is a very competitive with other schools in the area. Often times AUS offers more for less money.


School Year
AUS  (2022/2023) School A
School B
School C
Registration Fees $290   $395
+$200 for new families
+$60 testing

+ many other fees

Monthly Tuition  (10 months) $410 non-SDA
$345 SDA
$866 $375 $490
Uniforms ~$45-$50 (girls)
~$30-$35 (boys)
Cost unknown
Cost unknown
Cost unknown
Textbooks $0 (included) unknown unknown not included
Yearbooks $0 (included) unknown unknown not included
Computer Lab $0 (included) unknown unknown unknown

Discounts are available for multiple students from one family. Please contact the office for details.

There is a new payment plan designed to help parents cover the cost of a Christian Education. Instead of paying registration and 10 monthly tuition payments, all the costs are rolled into one fee and split evenly over 12 months. This can also help with the new school year costs as the registration fee and first monthly tuition can be a large sum to pay at once.

Single child, Adventist family comparison

  Traditional 10 Month 12 Month Plan
Single child,
Adventist family
Registration $290 - August 20th
10 monthly payments of $320 (Aug 20th - May 5th)
$291 a month from June 5th to May 5th
Single child,
non-Adventist family
Registration $290 - August 20th
10 monthly payments of $385 (Aug 20th - May 5th)
$345 a month from June 5th to May 5th
Financial help

If you or someone you know wishes to send their kids to AUS but canít afford it, consider the following options:

Wachovia Bank Loan: This bank offers Elementary and Secondary School loans specially designed for Adventist Schools. You can receive from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars. For more information call 1-800-657-1236.

Chase Bank Loan: This bank also offers K-12 student loans. You can borrow from 1,500 to 30,000 dollars per year. For more information call 1-866-661-2979 or go to

Southern California Childrenís Scholarship fund: This scholarship is available only for kids coming from public schools or starting kindergarten. According to your financial status you can qualify for up to 50% of the tuition. For more information or to apply go to: or stop by the Conference office in May.